Friday, December 11, 2009

Coolest Dream Ever

So it was the future, this beautiful mix of dystopian gutter city crumbling into the sea, and a totalitarian perfect world full of good little citizens living in special, domed communities.  In all of this, I get to play a sort of sci-fi Puck, a fey creature from a realm beyond the stars we see, who feeds on laughter ad beauty.  I get to do all sorts of interesting things in this dream setting. I help a gutter boy sneak into a dome in order to get an education, started, then stopped a war between to dome city-states, and kidnapped a dome girl to show her the magic inherent in her world.  At one point, we walk along this crumbling sea wall, while looking out to the outer wall that is already half destroyed, creating a giant seething green lake pouring a thousand waterfalls into the city below, a city which looks suspiciously like a post-cascadia event Seattle.  I lecture her about having good communication with mer mother, of all things, then take her around the city, showing her all the hidden joys and beauties.  An old man, seeing me says, "You're a scalliwag, aren't you?  I didn't think you were real."  I reply, "the best of us aren't, sir."


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Tuco said...

Hey Noelly - thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. Glad you like it. I don't have as much time for it as I used to, but I guess that happens to all bloggers.

Kate Chopin eh? That's pretty wacky. Are you a short story fan? Tried Mavis Gallant or Alice Munro?

Take care!