Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yay! Internet, did you miss me?

I have homework from my therapy sessions to say something positive every day. I normally do this on a private blog only I and my therapist can see, but with my almost two weeks of not being able to post, I listed fourteen good things about my life for the last two weeks. Here they are:

Two weeks' worth of good things:
Seattle to Sequim costs $15.70 round trip on public transit.
We have a new house
Aaron cleaned, organized, and unpacked while I was gone.
I lifted heavy things with Mark and we bonded.
Carrot apple beet ginger juice, made to order at the Country Aire.
My mom is okay.
Sam felt her baby kick.
I got to see my dear friend Chrissy.
Chrissy took me on a tour of random beautiful places.
The trees are beautiful.
The first frost happened, which means the end of tomatoes and the beginning of apples.
I have the internet again.
I have an awesome new haircut from the ever fabulous Shannon "Shine-On" Hulley.
The view of Seattle from the ferry, day or night, rain or shine, is always beautiful.
Scribblenauts on the DS is tons of fun!
Mark bought the fanciest projector. We now have a HD 85 inch screen that rolls up and away.
I watched Speed Racer last night, and it was amazing, like being in the theater. It's truly a film of my generation.

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