Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm a Bad Blogger

Sorry for the long absence, internet. Between moving and such, I've been veryvery busy. But here's a nifty lunch I made last week.

There are three different kinds of radish flower, as well as a piece of carrot I carved into a pig while the rice was cooking. The rose in the middle didn't soak long enough to open properly, but I had tons of fun making this box. The sauce bottle is pig shaped, and filled with awesome homemade Sudo-Asian dressing.

I read in the free sample portion of Kawaii Bento Boxes on Amazon that bento should consist of about a third each of carbs, proteins, and veggies/fruits, and it seems pretty reasonable, so I've been trying to build my boxes with that in mind. Carbizizzles: bed o' rice. Proteinators: soy beans, lima beans, and pecans. Veggies/Fruits: Salad and tangerine. Candy, dressing, and furikake for flavor.

Also, Halloween happened a while ago, and we carved stuff.
Pumpkins! Left to right Tri-Force by Aaron, Scary Tree by your own Noelley B, and Fucked Up Face by Sam. Her husband recently called her "Sammy Sammy Preggerpots." The world needed to know. Also, stuffed peppers carved with faces. I was a theater geek in high school.

I'm currently avoiding cleaning the bathroom in preparation for the Thanksgiving In-law Extravaganza. My mother is showing up tomorrow with all of the stuff I still have at her house, and the Parents Biddlecom will be arriving the very day giving thanks. We spent the weekend doing nothing but cleaning, as well as yesterday.

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