Sunday, September 27, 2009

Food, Glorious Food

So, fish sauce is okay, but not fish sauce. The Pad Thai was okay, but too sweet and not spicy enough. The spring rolls were awesome, though, as was the coconut sticky rice.

In other news, I have taken up prophetic dreaming. Last night I had a dream about going to a smoothie bar with Aaron and having an awesome smoothie. So this morning, I got up and made myself one! Frozen strawberries and blackberries, a ripe banana, orange juice, almond milk, honey and flax seeds made an wonderful purple breakfast for Noelle and Aaron. Mark and Sam declined, as Mark has issues with textures, and Sam can't eat raw honey (it's bad for babies). I am inspired to start making smoothies more often. I haven't had a decent smoothie since I left Hawaii. Aaron took me to Jamba Juice, but their smoothies are disgusting, also, their non-dairy smoothie is a lie! It contains milk powder! I did not realize, but my tummy sure informed me later that night. Looked it up, can't recall where, and sure enough.

Went to PCC today, as well. I have been craving the ice creams, and I was on SO Delicious website yesterday, and their ingredients are not that bad. It is not a healthy food by any stretch of the imagination, but neither is the food I'm replacing. And no worries for the soy, my intake is pretty low. I eat about a brick of tofu a week (shared with family), and limit my processed food intake as much as possible. In addition to ice cream sammiches and chocolate ice cream by So D, I got three non dairy yogurts to try: a vanilla coconut by So D, a blackberry soy by Nancy's, and a strawberry rice by I forget. Reviews with pictures to follow!

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