Monday, September 28, 2009

Yogurt One

I tried Ricera's strawberry rice yogurt this morning, with mixed results. First concern: there are no guarantees of vegan or even vegetarian ingredients, so I'm uncertain where they got their cultures, but most of the ingredients seem very food like. This tiny 6 oz cup also contains 24 grams of sugar, which seems a bit much. I think they're making up for the zero fat. Here's the label:
Upon opening the container, I was greeted by grayish goo, not very appetizing at all, but then regular yogurt is a off white goo, so no judgement on this feature. When I tasted it, my initial thought was "Yogurt!" followed by the after taste, which while sort of like bile, but not as bad as that sounds. It was bland, and a little too sweet, but very yogurt like for all of that. I've had worse things in my mouth. I put the yogurt in the morning smoothie, along with the other stuff pictured. Strawberry Mango Smoothie! You could taste the yogurt ever so faintly, and it definitely added to the smoothie experience. The smoothie was lovely, and Aaron said it wasn't bad. He only had half of his glass, but Aaron never eats very much without hurting himself, so I think it was a success.
We had home made Pad Thai last night. I finally got to try out the veggie fish sauce. It was... not fish sauce, but still awesome. The recipe we found called for equal parts fish sauce, tamarind paste, and sugar, and it was way too sweet. I think that next time, we will use half the sugar and an extra fifty percent fish sauce. We added bok choy, tofu and mushrooms directly to the dish, and Sam fried some chicken on the side for the omnis. We also set up build it yourself Vietnamese spring rolls, which werer quite good. I made coconut sticky rice for desert, which Aaron found not sweet enough, but I thought was perfect.

His lunch today is mostly leftovers, with the Pad Thai in the two lower containers, one is for the noodles and the other is the veggies with extra tofu on top. (By the way, tamarind paste, veggie fish sauce, and sugar make an awesome tofu marinade.) The two upper containers are green salad and sticky rice. The closed container at the bottom right is salad dressing, the last of that raspberry vinaigrette. I hope we can find that raspberry vinegar again, it was divine. Mango juice and chopsticks cut to size finish off the box. After photography, I added a bag of trail mix and a plum candy.

I cut these chopsticks down at the last minute with a steak knife. Mark said he would, but he forgot. I love jury-rigged last minute projects like this, dunno why.

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