Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random Pictures

Aaron had only morning classes today, so he came home in time for lunch at home. We had grilled Sammiches. {Sammiches, Sammiches! Barely even human!) I had tomato and basil with a ton of nutritional yeast and a twist of fresh black pepper.

Open Face!

I also had some of the last of this season's blueberries on the side, and I think we all have to admit that blueberries are awesome. Those that did not get eaten today were frozen for future smoothies and other food products.
Noms + antioxidants = Blueberries!

Finally, here is a lunch shot I lost in the shuffle, but really wanted to post. It's from about a week ago. Featured in the bottom are home made spring rolls, trail mix, and a coconut water with passionfruit. I think these coconut waters are the only box drink I've found that I really feel good about so far, except Aaron doesn't like them. In the lid we have a pear, soy sauce and peanut sauce, and two inari sushi. The inari are not vegetarian. They contain undetectable fish extract. These things are the sweetened, fried tofu equivalent of a freaking pita, and they have to put fish you can't even taste into them? Seriously, W. T. F. I also tried my hand a carrot stars.
I heart Uwajimaya!

Last but not least, please enjoy this dramatically lit salad.

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