Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lies at the Farmers Market

Sam and I go to our local farmer's market (almost) very week for fresh fruits, veggies, and flowers. While there we over heard an exchange that went something like this:
"Do you have and kale? I've been craving it all week."
"Sorry, not until this fall. Kale isn't any good until after the first frost."

Um, no. I lived in Hawaii for most of 2008, on an organic farm. We grew and sold kale all year long. About ten giant coolers full a week, and we had to eat it constantly because the plants produced so much. Our kale was fine. Our kale was beautiful. Our kale was delicious. I think somehow "kale is still good after it frosts" has been perverted in some people's minds to "kale is only good after it frosts." I feel sorry for that poor kale-craver.
Google Image of Kale. It's such a pretty vegetable, don't you think?

In other news, this coming weekend is our last in this wretched town house. I can't wait to start in on gardening at the new place!

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